Maria Roszyk (b. 1993, PL) is a media artist and researcher with a background in art history and printmaking. She works with found objects and materials creating both tangible and digital works refering to issues of embodiment. Her practice includes textile art, video, poetry, urban intervention, performance, Augmented and Virtual Reality based on her photogrammetry sketches.

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Personal Statement, 2018

I am human and step by step I try to understand what it means. I'm driven by an an irresistible need to encounter people. I treat life as a temporary experience and practice in coexistence, being dependent and waiting (for others and for myself to grow).

I am woman as a body and mind and I have strong relationship with food. I try to understand it while feeding others, asking myself what am I hungry for and if art is able to feed anybody.

With my art I communicate amazement of my own embodiment and try to ask viewers to experience similiar wonderment themselves. I work with what is given or found, common materials of little or no value and objects that as I believe, are able to preserve embodied stories.

Writing is my way of thinking. I walk a lot. I appreciate discoveries of others. I look at technology from startup world perspective and attempt to examine how distributed knowledge and networking are in use there.

My practice is all about commons: food, relationships, communication, body, time, space, relationship + food, body + communication, body + time etc.