Pasaż Różowy / Pink Passage

Poznań 2017

installation outside view

installation view

installation view

installation view

installation view

installation view

installation view

installation view


The project examined the subject of unconscious collection, which according to artist’s definition are made up of items not collected deliberately and according to a specific key by their owners but accumulated in the course of life. Such collections of objects become a second-defined collections, by a person who finds such set of objects, and then meets the opportunity to classify them into categories, order them according to a certain key and finally decide on their future fate.

It is a process where care is not limited to the sphere of objects - but naturally extended to the care of the person. As if what was stored in matter was the equivalent of what was immaterial, not visible – preserved only in the memory of the person.

By the gesture of „coming out” the ability of objects to keep meaning in isolation from the place of their origin – private places of preservation, was analyzed.

The presentation worked as a unit with meanings generated also by the location in Pasaż Różowy – formerly popular, but now almost abandoned shopping passage in the very center of Poznań. The window installation entered into direct dialogue with neighboring shop windows.

The Table, 2017

own technique, print on paper, 85x115cm

The metal plate was covering artist’s kitchen table for the period of 3 months. During this time the surface was accidentally etched with natural acids derived from food products and other daily use substances.

Traces formed on the plane of the table top represent the shared stories and visualise the ability of object to reflect our daily activities.

The Wall, 2017

aquatint, print on paper, 65x90cm each

This part of the installation is a reconstruction of the wall based on the photograph from the collection . The pattern was originally applied to the wall with a roller. In artist’s edition it is hand made.

The Book, 2017

digital print on paper, etching, 21x29cm, 2 ed.

The Book consist of photographic documentation of selected objects from the collection, original imprints of objects and artist’s essay Objects and Preservation. The case of unconscious collections in perspective of collective memory (PL). Applying contemporary theories of social memory the text examines how objects can exceed the boundaries of individual memory and be included as a part of collective memory.